August 11, 2006

Days 2 + 3 en route to Mexico

After visiting the Bromleys in Boise, we journeyed south toward Twin Falls, ID. During the drive, we gazed down on the Malad River, and took a pit stop near some beautiful wild flowers. Then we saw Shoshone Falls on the Snake River just a few miles upstream from the town of Twin Falls. In late morning, we headed south to Utah and drove through Ogden and Salt Lake City on the freeway. We were going to continue through southern Utah on the freeway and eventually get off on a state road to head toward Bryce Canyon National Park, until Brady noticed a little dot on our atlas that said "Big Rock Candy Mountain." And so our adventure took us a bit east of the freeway on to state highway 89 to see this mountain that had the same name as the Wallace Stegner book that Brady chose for our book club. It was awesome! We did a short bike ride that evening in the shadow of Big Rock Candy Mountain, stayed the night at the Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort, and in the morning hopped bag in Ocho (that's our van's name) and headed to Bryce. Bryce was beautiful, but what was even more amazing was Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument just south of Bryce. We got on to a dirt road, visited the set of several Western movies including The Outlaw Josey Wales, did another short bike ride, and then got back on the highway. We drove southeast to Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam, let the dogs piss on the dam, had a sandwich in Page, and continued on to Flagstaff.
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Anonymous said...

You guys are so damn cute I can't stand it. Beautiful athletic people with cute dogs in beautiful countryside on marvelous adventure!

oh, and trust you to know the latest hip lingo - I tewtelly wanna "hop bag" too.


Brady and Natalie said...

I meant to write "hop back." oops.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Blondie and Osito, pissing on Glen Canyon Dam!

We miss you all!

Avalyn and Corey

Anonymous said...

Hey Brady & Natalie--congrats on taking your trip! Funny thing was, several SOS staff were in SLC when you came through--at the OR Show! Osprey held a big party for us. You could have been Buster again!
Kristin was wearing her brass knuckles...