August 15, 2006

We Made It!

Hi, everyone! We finally made it to Guaymas/San Carlos yesterday evening, after a long and stressful drive from Tucson. We woke up this morning in our less-than-clean and nearly functional "condo" and took the dogs for a walk along the more than beautiful Sea of Cortes. A pod of delfines (dolphins) swam about 20 feet from us as the dogs looked on. Que bonita es!

We're hoping to convince the school's director to get us another apartment since the current one is seriously lacking. Otherwise, everything is GREAT.

We'll write more when we get a chance. Until then, Hasta Luego!

Brady and Natalie


Ann and Jeff said...

We are so glad you made it safe and sound. Why was the drive so long and stressful? Tell us all about it. Sorry about the housing. We made it back from Seattle and heard that it rained a lot in Tucson the last couple of days. Can't wait to get more of your pictures. Love, Mom and Dad

Carole said...

Hi there,
We are sorry that we never connected with you while you were here on Monday. Both DeNae and I tried calling you, but we played the dreaded phone-tag, it seems. Glad you did see Jon, tho. Hope you get new digs ASAP. Lotsa love and send photos!!

nick said...

Best of luck settling in... y'are missed!

travis said...

Quit your gringo whining and get back in your recently converted tool shed, I mean, your lovely new condo! :-) Seriously, I hope you get comfortable place while you're there. It'll make all the difference. (Especially if Peter and I come for a visit!)

Emmie & Sam Leach said...

Gracia a Dios que llegaron!!! Yay!! Hey you should suggest that you would be open to staying at their guest hacienda, eh?? I love your description, less-than-clean and almost functional!! Classic!! When do classes start? You guys are missed!! Love, Em & Sam