September 15, 2006

School pictures

I can only post 4 pictures at a time, maximum, it seems. So, here are three posts for you today, with 2-4 pictures each.

Here are Brady's 8th graders lined up in the gym on the first day of school.

And finally, Natalie and Blanca Julia, the English coordinator for the school, at an all-teacher lunch after the 1st day of school.


Anonymous said...

It looks like it's 80 - 85 degrees there in your pictures. Is it hotter than that?

Brady and Natalie said...

I have no idea who wrote this cuz it says anonymous... but the temperature has been in the high 90s mostly. However, recently, it's cooling off a tiny bit. Today was pretty nice, low 90s and breezy. Electricity is super expensive, so we try not to run it all the time, which is working out okay. If we're careful I think we can keep the bill at about $100 for the month. !!!

Brady and Natalie said...

Oh, I forgot to mention though, sometimes in August it passed 100, like 105 or so. And it's incredibly humid. It is NOT a dry heat.

Ann and Jeff said...

Everything looks so beautiful! The 8th graders look cute. Is school going more smoothly now? Ann