October 18, 2006

More Bennons in Mexico

Check it out -- getting a little better at laying out this page. Ooh. A right-hand margin.

Okay, okay, so this is a great picture, no? This is a picture of Brady and his Dad taking off Sunday morning in the kayaks to the peninsula off in the distance. They did some snorkeling... but not for very long. They high-tailed it out of there when the jellyfish showed up.

It was a pleasure having Jeff and Ann (Brady's parents) visit us in Guaymas last week. We went to the beach as much as possible. We snorkeled A LOT, and had a blast doing it. We drank a lot of margaritas. We laughed as the dogs played and played and swam and swam. We yelled at Tiffany (one of Ann and Jeff's dogs) when she barked at new people coming to OUR bar and OUR beach. The nerve of some people, imposing on our space like that. ;-) La Presidenta Blondie was thrilled to have foreign family members come visit her in her new country. She tried to show them how fun it is to chase lizards in the sand dunes, but these foreigners... they just didn't appreciate it.

Here is a picture of the bar where we spent most of our time during Jeff and Ann's visit. Okay, so it's where we spend most of our weekends too, even when Jeff and Ann are not in town. It's called The Soggy Peso Bar, a.k.a. The Hangout. It has one of the best beaches within a 30-km radius. And great snorkeling.

And here is Brady, urban cowboy/fly fisherman/teacher man.

Lastly, our updated bug count:
Scorpions: 6 (one of which we thought bit Blondie, but she's okay)
Cockroaches in the bed: 2
Tarantulas: 5
Crazy-big centipedes: 3
Walking sticks: 3
Crickets: 7,428, give or take
Moths: 2,693, or something like that
Black widow spiders: 1
Wolf spiders: 1
Other spiders: lots

We have posted more pictures to our flickr account. Click HERE or go to www.flickr.com/photos/bradyandnatalie


Anonymous said...

I need to stop looking at your e-mails. As the rainy season approaches us here in P-Town, I am seriously jealous.


Christie said...

I love your blog - its great to be able to keep up with your doings in a virtual way since we hardily get to see you. Speaking of that, see you Sat! Love, Christie

Anonymous said...

Hi, y'all,

I've been appreciating your regular commentaries on hygiene, arachnids, beaches, el presidente, local hang-outs, etc. No doubt, all of that will be the stuff of much story upon your return to the U.S. I look forward to hearing it all in person. Una pregunta: bailais aun? Espero que no a "la cucaracha."

Your pal,
Kris V-R :-)

Brady and Natalie said...

Estamos triste que no hay mucho bailando aqui. Pero, estamos tratando buscar un lugar con buena musica y bailando. (Kris: your Spanish is much better than mine, but I hope I got the point across? I know Brady could do it much better. -Natalie