November 08, 2006

It's about time

We feel somewhat out of the loop. Right now we wish we were home -- Brady even wishes we were back in D.C. -- to celebrate. The many years of war, lack of checks and balances, and outright deceipt have finally roused the conciousness of the majority of Americans from Arizona to Montana and even Mississippi. We stayed up late tracking the election results on the Internet and were "shocked and awed" at the decisive results. No question about it, these next two years will be different from the last six.

We know some people reading this blog won't agree with these thoughts, but hey -- you can always go start your own blog.... It IS a free country, after all (sort of).

Brady eating potato chips in front of the boob tube... er, Internet. Our version of the boob tube at the moment.

And, a pre-election-day video for our many leftist readers, compliments of our friend Michelle. Thanks Michelle.


Scotty J said...

Yep, glad to see we will all be in good hands with the D's in charge. Gotta love a Speaker of the House that claims her main agenda for the next two years is to turn the sitting President into a lame duck. Yep, we are bound to make progress now. :)

God, I miss you guys sometimes!

Scotty J said...

By the way, put your shirt on Brady. You are making me look bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey... I'm trying to call you, but I'm having a hard time -- what are your digits again? The numbers below weren't going through.

Love, dina

Anonymous said...

Hi guys... my grandmother is away and she was wondering if you could stop by her house on the Serdan and pick up the newspaper. It's the one across from the fountain as you're entering town...