May 30, 2008

5 weeks

Oh my god! Natalie's pregnant!

Okay, so it's been 5.5 days since we first found out Natalie is pregnant. And now I'm posting it on the Internet, which would make you think we're telling everyone... but we're not. A lot of people, but not everyone, and as of yet, no one knows the link to this blog....

We are way excited and have our first midwife appointment -- just to meet her, tour the birthing center, etc -- on Monday, June 2. So far, I have no morning sickness, but constipation, yes. And I'm tired. So Brady is doing lots of nice things for me that I'm too tired to do.

Friends and family, when you eventually read this, say hi to troutface -- that's our in utero name for our future daughter or son. Don't ask why. We don't know. troutface just told us that's the name. And it's lowercase, like e.e. cummings. Again, don't ask.

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