June 24, 2008

Gonna Be Parents

It's a pretty amazing feeling to know I'll be a father soon(ish). I look at parents playing with their kids at the park and get excited knowing that that'll be us someday. Of course, I then look away and pretend I wasn't looking for fear of being thought of as one of those "stranger-dangers."

On a walk with the dogs today, I saw a baby stroller for free sitting on the curb and I actually stopped to check it out. The woman standing in the front yard yelled out to me, "Go ahead, take it. All it needs is a really good cleaning," which is when I thought, "Hmm...maybe I'll pass on this one." Then on the way back home, I saw another one and almost brought it home until I realized it didn't have wheels and was seriously stained in the seat. Was it even a stroller? Maybe it was a high chair. I guess picking up free strollers and baby things isn't such a good idea.

I used to get excited about free weight equipment or cool beat-up chairs sitting on the corners. Now, it's baby strollers. How times have changed.

These days, my predominant thoughts on our pregnancy involve anticipation and excitement.

But then, when I spend time with friends who have newborns I remember how much hard work those first several months or years will be and those feelings of anxiety set in.

I can't even imagine how Natalie must feel with all the changes occurring right inside her body. I'm in awe of her and of life in general when I think about how she's creating a new person right this very minute. It just makes me love her even more.


Awwwww. That brought tears to my eyes. (This is Natalie now). We're going public with this blog today and sending it out to friends and family, so in anticipation of your questions, here are some things you might want to know:

- I'm now 9 weeks pregnant. Chance of miscarriage at this stage is less than 3 percent, so we figured it was safe to go super public on the blog now.

- I'm due at the end of January 2009.

- There are a few blog entries below this, about the pregnancy, from before we went public with the blog. And below that is old Mexico stuff that you've probably already seen.

- We named the blog "dar luz" because it's a euphemism in Latin American Spanish that means to give birth. The literal translation is to give light. We like the phrase a lot. They don't use this euphemism in Spain; there they just say "parir," which is just the literal Spanish verb for giving birth.

- We don't know yet if we're going to find out the gender.

- We are giving birth here: www.almamidwifery.com/birthcenter and are super excited about it.

- First midwife appointment was last week and it went great; all things look normal so far.


jwalter said...

Boring. Tell me something I didn't know already.

Just kidding! Obviously Sarah and I are incredibly excited for troutface to arrive and for the chance to condescendingly compare Isaac to him/her.

Best of luck!


nataliepdx said...
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nataliepdx said...
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Christie O'Day said...

Wow! Love the blog as usual - between working, sleeping/napping, eating, and puking blogging never occured to me. I'm so glad you're a writer.

Glad your morning sickness hasn't been too bad. At 12 weeks when its mostly over (hopefully) sign up for a pre-natal yoga class. Bryond the benefits of Yoga, of which you know more than I do, it's a great way to comserate with other like-minded pregnant women.

love, Christie