September 19, 2008

Halfway there!

I have been pregnant for 133 days. ! And my pregnancy journal says I have 133 days to go. Of course, it might be 110 days. Or 145 days. It all depends on when little troutface decides to come.

Here is my half bump. And Brady's total non-bump.


wilhelmina-d said...

You look great!

In non-happy news, did you get Lars' email about Bobbie?

amy said...

Soo excitng Natalie you look to pretty and pregnant. Brady...well... you are prolly sharing the fatigue, excitment, the midnight noshing,,, but not the bump. See you soon!!! Amy

Christie said...

Looking great Natalie! Looking silly Brady;-) But good preparation for parenthood - got to keep that humor muscle flexed or you are a goner! So, would you like a bunch of baby boy clothes? We've got lots in good condition:-)
Love, Christie