October 16, 2008

Do you have a permit for that kid?

Do you ever wonder who authorized you to have children? In just 3.5 months, give or take a couple weeks, Brady and I will be parents. !!! Who authorized us to be parents? Ok, so we are probably better equipped to have children then 50 percent or more of the people out there procreating. But really, this is crazy. We're having a baby. It seems so... crazy. And yet people do it every day, and when they do it I don't think it's that big of a deal. Yet when YOU decide to do it yourself, man, that's a big deal. You really don't realize what a big deal it is until you decide to do it yourself. And it's such a big deal, I have to wonder, do I need a permit for this kid? Is there someone out there watching? I guess the answer is yes, Child Protective Services. Sort of. Or the Goddess above. Or my mom. Nah, she's probably chattin' it up with Elvis.

ps - My godmother, Amy (a.k.a. Mamie, to our future son), and her husband, Kirk, came to visit recently, and we had a great time together. Unfortunately... we didn't take any pictures! Ugh. Who forgot to take pictures of the pregnant woman with her godmother? We all did. But anyway, we had a great time hanging out, doing house projects (Brady and Kirk), going maternity clothes shopping (Natalie and Mamie), hiding from the rain (everyone), and playing Settlers of Catan (it's a board game).


amy said...

Yes! We did have a great time with you and we got to meet some of your wonderful friends, which we-parental types love to do. It helps us understand you and fills us with love and pride.
K.Gibran said (I'm paraphrasing) that we send our children as arrows into the future to a place we will not live and cannot visit. And Portland does feel like a long way from Maryland.
As a person who remembers my family getting a telephone and television when I was in elementary school and now I'm sharing this journey with you via a blog! It is so amazing to me to have the joy of helping welcome this little boy. Although I still hunt and peck, I am looking forward webcamming with the Bennons-3. love, Mamie

Christie said...

Have a child really is an amazing and sometimes overwhelming experience. And what really amazes me is that appearently there's a lot people for whom it doesn't amaze. I sometimes think to myself - I don't feel like a different person yet here I am with two small incredible boys who's view of me as mom supercedes everything. It's a real trip:-)

Love, Christie

Ann said...

Both you and Brady are intelligent, caring, and intuitive people, and I can't think of anyone who would make better parents. When you hold your son for the first time and look into his eyes you will experience an emotion that will literally take your breath away.That emotion is your certificate to parent. You will be great. He is a very lucky little boy!
Ann (Grandma)

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you're staring at him after he's born - then you'll really wonder how you're allowed to have this creature without years of thorough, specific training...but it is truly the craziest feeling when you look at him or her for the first time. You've honestly never known a love like that. It's a trip...

stacy said...

After having children I can't stop myself from looking at the people around me and thinking in astonishment that everyone is somebody's child. The homeless man on the street corner is somebody's precious, miraculous, beautiful son, and here I am trying to avoid eye contact as he begs for money. It makes me look at the world differently. That my children could possibly grow up to be homeless and begging for scraps on the street corner is heartbreaking and a reminder of how important it is to be a parent. As parents we have heavy responsibilities- we have to dedicate OUR lives to the lives of our children so that they can thrive.

Should we have a permit? I think not, but I do think that parenting classes should be required for high school graduation.