December 14, 2008

Baby Shower

Pictures from the baby shower! Here is my mother in law, Ann; sister in law, Stacy; and nephew, Reed.
The birth beads! Everyone who attended brought a bead, and those who couldn't attend sent one, which we strung together into a necklace so that I could have a keepsake to remind me during the birth of my friends' and family's love and support.
This is Emily and I, to the right. Emily and another friend, Rebecca, planned the shower together, and we had it at Emily's house. It was really great and I felt very loved and supported.

And below are all three organizers. Emily and Rebecca organized the shower, and Sara organized a meal train. Thank you!

Check out more pictures here:

Here's a link to our gift registry just in case you would like to see what we need:

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amy said...

Great posting! It is wonderful to see Reed and Avery, who I have heard so much about. i went to flicker and saw lots of pictures. You are bountifully beautiful, Natalie. SMooches!