December 22, 2008

Arctic Blast 08

Well, our flight to Arizona was cancelled. Not delayed, not rescheduled, just out-and-out cancelled! We can either give up and be reimbursed, or try to get on another flight, but they're all full. And the snow is not letting up. So, we're probably stuck here at least through Christmas day.

On the up side, we can ski in our neighborhood right now! We went cross-country skiing today for over two hours -- with the dogs to the park and around the neighborhood, and then we dropped the dogs off and skied to a restaurant for lunch.

Prego Natalie on skis. She was careful.

Mama made a fleece coat for Blondie last week. She reallllly likes it.

More pictures here:

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Jen said...

Adorable pup! You guys look like you are having fun. :) Such a cute little basketball under that coat!