January 29, 2009

Baby name brackets: final score

Okay, here are the final scores:

First place, with honorary Aunt and Uncle titles: Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Nick! 114 pts.
Second place, Jen Crawford Cook, an old, good friend of Natalie's from h.s., with 108 points
Third place, Travis Fowler, a good friend from Portland, with 105 points.
And after that...
Robert, 104
Alaina, 103
Christie, 99
Mike R, 97
Kate, 95
Stacy and Rick, 93
Jon D, 90
Janna A, 87
Emily, 86
The Bromleys, 81
Michelle, 78
Jana R, 77
Jen E, 76
Steve D, 75
Mary F, 68
Amy L, 65
Linda T, 63
Martha, 60
Helene, 55
Cathy, 55
Laura T, 55
Ann, 55
Yann, 53
Sara L, 49
Dee, 47


Jen said...

Sweet! Didn't think that I would win any bragging rights. :) Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for the great videos and pictures. I'm sure it's hard to post anything new. Hope you are all enjoying each other!

Howie said...

More movies! more pictures!