March 29, 2009

Grateful for so much family

This is my new favorite picture of Eliot. I think he is eight weeks in this photo.

We have just seen the last of the grandparents leave this morning. My dad and stepmom (Rollie and Roxie) came about a week and a half ago, and Brady's parents (Ann and Jeff) came last week. Both sets of parents overlapped on Tuesday at the airport, and we all had brunch together -- the first time since the wedding that our parents have seen each other, so that was kind of fun.

Here is my dad and stepmom -- "Pops" and "Nana" -- with Eliot. We had a great visit with Pops and Nana. Eliot says Nana is fun and is really good at burping him. Eliot says Pops is pretty chill and he likes hanging out with Pops on the couch.

This is Ann, "Grandma", with Eliot. Grandma mastered the bouncy ball, which is Eliot's favorite.

Here is Jeff, "Grandpa", with Eliot. Grandpa also mastered the bouncy ball and sometimes was exactly the person Eliot wanted to soothe him.

All the grandparents said Eliot was pretty easy going, except when he's in pain, which is usually caused by gas.

We also had a great visit in March from our good friend Dina! Dina came to see us from San Francisco. She is a baby whisperer. Eliot loved walking with her in the sling.

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Jen said...

He's so big now! That picture on top is adorable. Such a little man already. So sweet!