May 20, 2009

Leave me alone, I can do it by myself

I find the hardest part of parenting right now, today at least, is knowing when to just leave him alone. He seems to be learning quickly how to, sometimes, soothe himself to sleep. And I need to give him the opportunity to do that, but sometimes I'm going in to soothe him without pausing, listening, and taking a moment to decide if that's the right choice.

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amy said...

This sleep thing is totally awesome. I LOVE reading about your adventures with Eliot sleep. There is something totally unique and special about a house with a sleeping baby/ child. It is so incredibly peaceful. And when he gets to the toddler phase and sleep issues are a distant memory, it is very peacful to have a your child sleep resting on your chest.
Ahhhhh! Naptime :)