May 06, 2009

Working mama

So, I am now working (as in my paid work as a grant writer), from home, about 13 hours per week. And I've gotten pretty busy with an upcoming grant deadline. So, I really have to find at least two hours every day when I can get some work done. I can fill in the rest during the evenings or weekends. Today, to get that two hours in, I had to be pretty creative. Eliot was fussing, so I put him in the sling and bounced on the ball. He napped there while I worked on my laptop. Then, he needed to nurse. So we found ourselves like this: Eliot in the sling, nursing; me bouncing on the ball (because he was fussy when nursing stationary); and me typing emails and reading a really fascinating (ha) rule in the Federal Register about coastal wetlands grants. Multitasking! I'm putting it on my resume.

1 comment:

Jen said...

That's some serious multitasking! Bravo Super Mamma!