June 03, 2009

If you had cried like 5 more minutes...

...I would have called it quits on nap time. Some of you might think this is horrible, but today I let Eliot cry for almost an hour. And I was going to go get him at one hour, and call it quits on naptime, but then at 5 minutes till, he stopped crying and went to sleep. If only he had known that had he waited just 5 more minutes, he would have been released from his crib.

Today I took him to mama and baby yoga class. He had a 90-min morning nap -- pretty darn good -- and he woke in time for me to make it to class. On the walk home though, he was tired, and fell asleep in the Ergo carrier. This is bad news, because it seems that when I try to lay him down after falling asleep in a carrier, he is not a fan. We got home, and I gently laid him down. He cried. I picked him up, quickly changed his diaper, and nursed him for 15 minutes. I laid him down, and his eyes popped wide open. He was silent, though. I sang softly and rubbed his belly for a few minutes, and then left. His eyes were still wide open. After about 10 minutes, he started crying on and off, like 1 minute on and 4 minutes off, until, after about 45 minutes, he was crying like 4 minutes on and 4 minutes off. Then, silence.


Kate C said...

You are a saint. I'm sending this post to my friend who's struggling with a similar baby ;)


Alyssa said...

Hi! I'm Kate's friend who she sent this link to. I too can not let my daughter (Dahlia) fall asleep on me...she immediately wakes up and then screams when I put her down to sleep. We've been working on nap training and it is getting better...but it can be so painful. Best of luck!!!