August 24, 2009

First day of daycare

I should have brought the camera today. Why don't I always bring it with me? I forget far too often.
I dropped Eliot off at daycare this morning. No tears. He was excited. He had gone a few times with me, so I think that helped. I just quickly kissed him goodbye. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it and then have him intuit that it was a big deal, and maybe get upset. I feel pretty confident about the care he will receive there, although I know it's not the same as being home with me or Brady. I know he will get less individual attention, but I keep telling myself it's only twice a week, and he loves being around and watching other children. Both things are true and make me feel pretty good about the situation.
Last night, though, Eliot had a really hard night. Really fussy. Really unusual. He fell asleep easily, but woke up a LOT and couldn't settle himself back to sleep. I ended up sleeping with him in the twin bed in his room, because that seemed to me the way that both of us were going to maximize our sleep. I'm still exhausted, though. I hope he sleeps better tonight. One thing that's nice about my schedule, though, is that I don't have to go into the office two days in a row (I'm in the office Mon and Wed), which means I might catch a nap tomorrow, although I will have to fit 2 hours of work into the day from home... so maybe not.


Jen said...

Leaving them is the hardest thing. Good job Nat! I'm sure Eliot is having a great day.

Kate C said...

I'm sure he'll love it. Daycare is so much fun! And I actually think that having Eliza in daycare gives her something I can't give her...which is consistent interaction with other kids. You mentioned this too ;) I hope all is well as B starts school again too.

amy said...

I remember that. It was so hard. I cried all the way to work. I had 2 mons. maternity leave and then went back to teaching fulltime. 8 hr. day and 45 min commute on either end. Then 20 mins more from daycare to home. Ugh! It was a wonderful home daycare but...I was so glad when June came. Mamie