September 16, 2009

Breast milk in your coffee?

Yesterday, I made myself some coffee. It was a working from home/spending time with Eliot day. He nursed. Then I made coffee. I poured it in my mug. And realized, crap! There's no milk. There's rice milk. But rice milk in coffee is little better than water. I'm in my PJs. My hair is a mess. I haven't brushed my teeth yet even!

There's breast milk in the fridge. That's creamy. Hmmm. Can I do it? Can I drink coffee with breast milk in it? They do it in Mongolia. In Mongolia (there's a long article, a great article, about breastfeeding in Mongolia in the most recent issue of Mothering magazine) breast milk is like the national food. Adults think it's a treat. They will, no compulsions, drink a working woman's breast milk from the office fridge if they see it there. Yum! But I couldn't do it. Then I realized, the neighbors have milk! They always have milk. And sometimes one of their mom's is home watching their baby. I called, and grandma was home, so I went over and borrowed some milk. Crisis averted!

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Kate C said...

When I pump, I lick the pump nozzle when I'm done so it won't drip on my lap. Is that weird? I would totally put breast milk in my coffee.

alissa said...

I don't know I could drink a glass of my own milk, but I did taste it plenty while nursing by licking to clean something off. And it is almost like a milkshake, it is SO sweet. I'd put it in coffee if I had to, but a big glass of it makes me kinda shudder.