September 27, 2009

First scooch, first syllable, and first cold

Eliot is scoochin'! Not crawling yet, but as of yesterday, he has started scooching much further than he used to. He is now scooching to an item he wants, if he's on the floor and the item isn't tooooo far away.

In other news, Eliot has his first cold. He started getting sick on Friday. It happened really quickly, so we called the doctor and he said to just observe him and if he's wheezing or not peeing as much as usual, then we should call the doc again and/or take Eliot to urgent care. But he peed a bunch, and never really wheezed. He's been getting better quickly. Friday night was hard and he didn't sleep very much, but Saturday night he slept normally. And he's napping normally. Yesterday Momma made him such yummy homemade chicken stock. Hopefully that is helping.

And on Friday, while Momma and Eliot were watching Daddy's soccer practice, Eliot started speaking his first really regular syllable: Buh. Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh. Over and over again. That's his favorite syllable, or consonant, or both, I guess. It's very cute. We have entire conversations with him now using the sound "buh." And since he's still getting over the cold, it's a very hoarse "buh," which makes it even more adorable.


Kate C said...

The things they pick up at day care!!! I love all the foot waggin that happens when he scooches. A mover and a shaker ;)

Anonymous said...

Dang, he's getting big you guys!! Bring him up to O-town soon, we'd love to see him! Scott and Jess