June 21, 2010

Still no pictures

I misplaced our camera. But I found it again. Soon I can download pics from the last TWO MONTHS (!!! I am a picture slacker) for all to see how cute Eliot still is and how little hair he still has (there's a little bit more hair, but not much).

I'm trying to think of new things he's doing these last couple weeks. Yesterday he started imitating Blondie (dog) making a really funny loud yawn. You say, "What does Boo-boo (dog) say?" and Eliot says, "Rarrrraarrrr," or something like that. Also, I started teasing him about saying "more" when he wants more food. I started saying, loudly with a really high upward intonation and a slight British accent, "mORE pLEASE?" and he started doing it too. Every day. Very cute.

Overall he's just a very busy bee. Starting to wear us out.

In other news, I am pregnant again. Many of you know already. For the rest of you, I'm due in early January. I'm just finishing my first trimester. These kids will be just under 2 years apart.

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Kate C said...

YAYAYAYAY!!! also my officemate molly came up to me today and was like "your sister's pregnant." I was like how'd you know. Apparently she follows your blog. You and your family are famous!