August 27, 2010

Southern Oregon

My godmother, Amy (whom Eliot knows as Mamie), came west to Oakland in August with her granddaughter Hannah (her son's daughter) to visit Kate and Eliza. AND, to visit Eliot and I. We all met in southern Oregon for a really fun long weekend. We stayed at a berry farm in Grants Pass. We picked berries (see photo here of Kate and I and babies picking berries... we don't look really happy, but it was sooo hot that day). We saw a play in Ashland at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (the babies stayed at the farm with a babysitter for that one). We played in a creek. We cooked and ate (Eliot ate a lot, and sometimes Eliza ate, and sometimes she gave Eliot her food, which pleased them both). I hooked them on to a great, fun board game called Settlers of Catan, that they thought they wouldn't like, but then wanted to play again... and got quite competitive about. Overall, we just had a really great, fun time and I hope we get to do it again soon.


Jen said...

How fun to see Eliza and Eliot together!! Sounds like a fun visit.

mary said...

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