October 15, 2010

Rafting with baby

I have been really bad about the blog lately. But I have many blogging ideas, so hopefully I will be better over the next few weeks.

A few weeks ago, we went rafting with Eliot! We rafted the Deschutes River in Oregon, the upper section (above Maupin) if you know the river. There is one rapid that is hard, called Whitehorse, I think it's a Class IV, but Eliot and I (and the other mama and her 8.5-m0-old baby) walked that one while everyone else rode. It wasn't really a scary rapid, but it is a long rapid, so if something DID happen and we got thrown, then we wouldn't be able to get Eliot quickly - it's a long swim - so we walked. The other rapids were Class III and lower, and they were short. So we did the other rapids. We were in an oar boat, so Brady and I did not have to paddle and we could both have one hand on Eliot (Eliot was in between us) and one hand holding on to the boat. It felt pretty safe, really.

Eliot was so cute during rapids. The first day (it was an overnight trip; 2 days, 1 night), he was a little bit nervous. But he was warming up to it. He did not like it if water got in his face though. He generally hates water in the face anyway. But the SECOND day, man, he was into it. He would say "Weeeeeeeee!" when we were doing rapids. And then when it was over he'd say, "More bumps! More bumps!" and do the sign for more. And now for weeks afterward, if you ask him about rafting he says, "River! Boat! Go ZOOM! Bumps! WEEEEEEE!"

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