February 07, 2011

Silas at 1 month

Well, Silas is a month old today. And things are going okay. He sleeps well maybe every other night, which means I actually get more than 3 hours of sleep on the bad nights, and on the good nights I get maybe 8 hours, but interrupted 3-5 times. But I am able to nap some days, maybe every other day. Having the nanny here to take care of Eliot on MWF is very helpful and I get to nap with Silas those days for sure, although I am sort of sequestered upstairs because they are downstairs. There is so much noise downstairs when he is here with the nanny... he has a playmate/neighbor who comes over too, Ari, and they make so...much...noise. Banging. Stomping. Dropping toys. Dancing. Running around and falling down (on purpose). But they have a good time.

Silas is having more awake times, and is having gas on his bad nights. I think he would sleep if not for the gas, but the gas makes him very uncomfortable. Saturday night I was bouncing on the big bouncy ball with him from about 9 pm to 4 am, almost nonstop. It was exhausting. Finally I was able to lie down on the couch with him on my chest; I was afraid to be fully reclined in bed as that seemed to wake him up other times during the night. Last night was better and he didn't seem to be bothered by gas. We started giving him probiotics on Saturday on recommendation from a doctor, so maybe that is actually helping.

Otherwise, Silas's baby acne is subsiding a bit. So far he looks quite a bit like Eliot as a newborn. He is gaining weight quickly. His eyes are still very steely gray. His hair is still blonde. His eyebrows are very blonde. And that's about it.

Eliot still likes baby brother. He calls him baby brother or baby Silas. I think they will have a lot of fun together come next winter and thereafter. Other Eliot updates: He is newly obsessed with basketball after receiving a play basketball hoop for Christmas. He also still loves soccer, though. He likes to watch soccer and basketball online while sitting on Dada's lap. He likes to race us on the sidewalk while walking to the park (He yells, "Stop" and we all stop. And then "Go" and we all run, and if one of us is not running, he stops and says, "Run, Mama, run!" Very bossy). His best friends (all from our neighborhood) are Ari (20 months, his nanny share friend on mondays and fridays) and Isabel (2.5 years, our next-door neighbor). And he is becoming friends with another neighbor, Esme (2 years and 3 mos, also sharing nanny 1 day/week).

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