March 04, 2011

nighttime drama

On Tuesday night, baby Silas (8 weeks now) woke up to nurse and was crying afterwards and couldn't settle down without a little bouncy ball action. So I left the bedroom with him, and started bouncing on the ball in the room just outside our bedroom door (like a loft upstairs). And our two dogs got up too and left our bedroom and walked downstairs, single file, glancing sideways at me bouncing this crying baby, and I said, "You guys are leaving!? You're so weak." And they said (silently of course) something like, "Yeah, we're outta here. We can't wait until that baby gets quieter." And I said, "Yeah, me too."

And then the next night, Wed night, Silas woke up crying lightly (needing to nurse I think). He was in the swing in our room. And I jumped out of bed and was SO confused. I didn't go to him right away. I stood there and said to Brady, "Where's the baby?" And Brady said, "What?" "And I said where's the baby?" And he said, "Right there. Crying." And I said, "No, the other baby. Where's the other baby?" At this point Brady is out of bed too, standing up. And he said, "You mean Eliot?" And I said, "No, the other baby. Where's the other baby?" And then I started to wake up more and realize I was talking crazy. And I said something like, "Uh, sorry." And I picked Silas up and nursed him.

Of course, after nursing him, then he still wasn't happy and he was wiggling and wiggling and Brady said, "Does he need a diaper change?" and I said, "No, he's just fucking crazy! Why won't you stop wiggling Silas!" At that point Brady, rightly, took the baby from me and went to change his diaper and bounce him while I went back to bed.... I was kind of whacked out Wed nt. Not sure what the heck was going on.

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