June 16, 2011

What's new

I am trying to keep up with this blog, since it's really the only good record I have of my kids childhood so far. But the posts have become increasingly, um, well, unimaginative and poorly written. Oh well.
Silas is 5 months and a week old now. And he is a very happy little baby. He sleeps great, about 11-13 hours every night, waking twice to nurse (sometimes he wakes a 3rd time, but I usually ignore him and he usually returns to sleep because he really only needs milk once or twice during that time period; after two times, mama is off the clock). He is napping better two -- usually two naps, and for 1.5-2.5 hours each. He is starting to be ticklish, which is fun. And he is interacting with Eliot, and v.v., more. I was holding Silas while Eliot and Silas were playing the other day. Eliot would let Silas chew on his hand, and then Silas would reach for his hair or his face, and Eliot said, "He likes me!" over and over again.
Eliot is doing well too. He is 2 years and 5 months old now. What's new with Eliot? Hmm... well, he has used his first Spanish verbs recently - tener (to have) and comer (to eat). I can't remember what he said, but that is new as of this past 3 or 4 weeks. He has his freakout, cryfest, tantrum moments, but I'm trying recently to do a better job of recognizing the difference between a bratty tantrum, and an emotional tantrum. Bratty tantrums get a timeout. Emotional tantrums require a little more finesse. They are sometimes triggered by the same things, but the emotional tantrums are usually about something totally unrelated to what kind of milk is in his cereal or whether he's going to wear blue shoes or brown shoes. I think sometimes it's about changes in routine, or not enough sleep, OR, mama going to work in the morning. He doesn't say he doesn't want me to go to work. And I know he likes the nanny. But those mornings can be more difficult, and I can't help but think it's a response to me being busy, getting dressed, cooking breakfast more quickly, making my lunch, etc.
We took the boys camping last weekend at Oxbow Regional Park, which was really fun, and was great for family camping. It's only about 40 mins from Portland, so it's easy to bail out if things are not going well. And they don't allow dogs or alcohol, so nobody was up late partying and being loud. Twice, deer (does) ran between the campgrounds, right next to ours. We played a lot in the river. And there are two playgrounds (although they really need a bench, in the shade, for parents at the playground). Eliot really loves Oxbow Park, but he had a hard time taking a nap. No nap. And then late bedtime. So he was cranky the next day and is still catching up on sleep after that, taking longer than usual naps in the afternoon this week. It's crazy how much sleep kids need. They need a lot!
Brady is finishing school this week, only to start teaching summer school next week. And he has no job for next year, so he is applying to everything that comes up. He really wants to be in a Portland public school, but he might have to go to the 'burbs, and honestly, if he ends up in the 'burbs this year, I think it might be for good because it's getting tiring not having any reliability. Maybe we'll even move to the 'burbs some day. Who knows. ... No, we won't. Nevermind. I'm not moving to the suburbs. It's either urban or rural. We could move to a rural area near the suburbs, fine. But not the suburbs. Please not the suburbs. If I'm going to have to drive a lot, I want to live in the country.


Steve Finnell said...

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Mamie said...

OMG I just wrote the perfect response and it was erased. ARGH!!!

I love your posts. They are witty and gritty and full of love. For me, so far away, they are a blessed peek into Port Bennon. I love tham! Keep posting!!!