July 13, 2011

purple giraffe milk

Eliot almost never wakes in the night. But last night around 2:30 am, I heard him cry, and then talk a bit, and then yell, "Mama, come in my room! Mama, come in my room! Mama, come in my room!" Ok, ok, ok. So I went. And he said, "I want some poo-poo giraffe milk." "What?" He repeated himself. And I said, "We don't have any poo-poo giraffe milk. Were you dreaming about poo-poo giraffe milk?" "Uh, yeah," Eliot said. We went on like this for a minute or so, and he told me he wanted milk, and I said no, we don't drink milk in the middle of the night. I said I would stay with him for a little bit in his bed. Then Silas started crying, needing milk. So I told Eliot I needed to go nurse Silas, and I would come back when I was done. So, 15 minutes later, I peaked into Eliot's room, hoping he had fallen back asleep... but no, he was sitting straight up in his bed, and when he saw me he giggled and buried his head in his pillow. "I want some milk," he said. "No, we don't drink milk in the middle of the night." I stayed with him for 10 minutes, but he wouldn't close his eyes and he wouldn't stop fidgeting, so eventually I left because I really needed to sleep. He didn't want me to go, but he didn't cry either. The next morning when he woke up, I said, "Did you dream about poo-poo giraffe milk any more?" And he said, "Uh, yeah! But it's not poo-poo giraffe milk, it's purple giraffe milk." "Ohhhhhh, a PURPLE giraffe. Ok," I said. That makes a bit more sense. "Is the milk purple or is the giraffe purple?" I asked. And Eliot replied, "The milk is white. The giraffe is purple."
And so I just bought a $4 purple giraffe stuffed animal on Amazon for him.


Jen said...

So cute! Hope he likes the giraffe that you bought!

Michael said...

I just LOVE it when dreams come true:) Sweet story (I have a stuffed purple pig BTW).