September 06, 2011

funny Eliot stuff

Now that Eliot is using the potty, bedtime has become more... eventful. For example, Eliot insists that his door be cracked and the dining room light stay on, "so he can see." He often also turns his own light on, and gets a book, and reads in bed -- which is cute and we like the idea... but it really does delay the time he goes to sleep and kids need sleep, often times more than they get. So I taped the light switch down so he can't turn his light on now. And so now he sings and talks in bed before falling asleep. One night, he kept saying over and over again, "Zippy the Eliot! Zippy the Eliot!" Brady sometimes calls him Zippy. Eliot added the "the Eliot" part to the end.
The other night, he yelled my name a few times, and I cracked the door open and said, "Yes?" and he said, "Mama, would you like to go to a restaurant with me after nap?" And I smiled and said, "That sounds really nice, but this is bedtime, not naptime. Tomorrow we might be able to go to a restaurant. We'll talk about it in the morning. Good night!"
Eliot: "Oh. Mama, would you like to go to another restaurant with me after the other restaurant?"
Mama: "Maybe, sweetheart, but we'll talk about it in the morning. Good night!"
Also, Eliot was making up words to Puff the Magic Dragon song the other day, and he started singing things like, "Puff the Magic Mama, lived by the bus, and ate her dinner on the bus, in a land called dinner bus!" Ha ha. And other funny Puff lyrics too. He was cracking us up. Then Brady said, "Little toilet paper" (b/c the next line is "little Jackie Paper, loved that dragon Puff") and Eliot followed it with, "Wipes my bottom clean." Ha ha! I wish I had had the camera to get it on video, but I knew as soon as I stood up and got it, the creativity would get interrupted and the moment would be lost. *sigh*
Eliot just put the measuring tape up to my arm and said, "Mama, you're 45 inches."

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