October 04, 2011

The coming of fall

It is fall here. It's kind of nice, although I could have used more summer. We got gypped out of the entire month of July in terms of summer. August was great. September was pretty nice. Now it's October and it's fall. It's a little bit chillier. We don't have the heat on yet, but probably within a week or two, we will. Silas is wearing footy PJs and sleep sacks to bed. The leaves have not started to change yet really. Maybe just a little bit, but not much.
Eliot is doing great without diapers. He has accidents sometimes, when it takes him too long to get to the bathroom, or to push down his pants. So there is a lot of laundry. But he's doing well, and he's having no accidents at naps or night (and no diaper at nap or night). So we are happy about that.
Brady's school year is going okay so far. And he is coaching boys soccer again, which he really enjoys. We also joined a gym about a month ago, and in the past, I really have not enjoyed gyms. But lately, I love it. For one thing, they have child care, which is fanTAStic. And the kids like it there; we call it the Kids Club. They never cry when I leave them there. Then I go swim or take a yoga class, come back, and I got a little break and some exercise, which feels wonderful. I have even lost a little more weight so I am back in my pre-pregnancy pants -- the ones that were always too big, but now they're snug, but that's okay, I am still ecstatic and have already purged everything from my closet that is too big or way too small: maternity clothes, postpartum clothes, and anything from pre-pregnancy that is so small I wonder how I ever fit into it and doubt I will ever fit again and, even if I do, it will be so far in the future that the garment will then be completely out of style. The gym is also a place where, in the evening, if I need to get away, I can go there. It's a little haven, a place to go. If not the gym, then often in the evenings after dinner, I will go for a long walk around the neighborhood for some alone time (with one dog), even in the rain.
This picture is from bath time about a week ago. My beautiful boys. =)

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