October 26, 2011

Salmon spawning

The family all went to Oxbow Regional Park this Sunday for "salmon viewing" and it was so fun. Chinook are spawning right there in the Sandy River, right now. This is a picture of Brady and Eliot, in polarized glasses that they lend out at the park to reduce the glare from the water so you can see the fish better, watching the mama salmon dig their "redds" (nests) and lay their eggs. After that, the dada salmon will go over the redd and deposit "milt" (sperm). We could see form a distance female salmon digging gravel out of the way with their tail fins to deposit eggs, and dada salmon chasing each other to compete for the honor of laying their milt on a redd. After depositing the eggs or milt, the salmon die. We saw several dead/spawned out salmon on the beach, and one in the river that was dying pretty much right in front of us.

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