November 24, 2011

New skill

Age: 34 months
Skill learned: lying
This morning, I gave Silas baby advil for his teething so he could take a nap. The empty syringe was sitting on the counter waiting for me to clean it. I'm washing some dishes and then looking for that to clean it. I can't find it. I ask Eliot, "Eliot, have you seen that little plastic stick that was in the kitchen that I used to give Silas medicine?" I look at him and see it in his hand. He puts it behind his back and says, "I don't know where it is."
Oh man.


Stacy said...

Uggghhh!!! A whole new way to manipulate.

Natalie said...

Right?! That's what I thought. But actually my godmother Amy has given me a new perspective on lying toddlers. She said most of the reasons toddlers lie signal positive growth markers. I'll share her email with you, Stacy.