May 24, 2012

Back East

The boys and I went East earlier this month to visit family and friends. We went to D.C. to see friends Keri and Rob, Cambridge to visit with Mamie (and Mamie, the boys and I also went to Ocean City for 5 days), we saw my Dad and Roxie for an afternoon, and my dear friends Michelle and her husband Mingo, and another dear friend Sara. Here are some pics, and more at

It was a really good trip. It was especially nice to spend so much time with Mamie that the kids really got comfortable with her. Visiting the National Zoo with Keri and Rob was great, and the gorillas were very active that day, especially the baby. We also went to the Museum of Natural History in D.C. to see the dinosaur bones, with Eliot loved. The boys had lots of fun at the ocean, and played in the sand and watched the wild horses at Assateague National Park. We went crabbing for a short time (didn't catch anything, but the people next to us did; we just went for the experience; it was too early in the season to expect much success, but Eliot had fun trying).

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