October 03, 2012


Yesterday Silas had a doctor's appointment - a checkup. He is 35 inches tall, which is 90th percentile for height, and a higher height percentile than he was before. He is 25.5 lbs, which is 30th percentile for weight, a little more on the weight percentile than before. AND, he loves going to the library. Here he is on Sept 18, leaving the library with 7 books that he wanted to carry all by himself. All of them. He would FREAK OUT if I tried to take any, even when I said things like, "I take 2 to help." "AHHHHH!!!" he would say, and start stomping. So he carried all 7 books, all the way to the car. He dropped them several times, and I helped him pick them up and put them in a pile in his arms. He would let me help with that.

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