January 14, 2013

A new year!

I have been so remiss with our blog lately. So...

Silas is 2! And he is a trip. He's quite outgoing. For example, the boys and I went out for crepes Saturday night. We ate some savory crepes for dinner (well, I did; the boys barely did) then we were going to order a chocolate crepe. Silas gets up, walks over to the server and says, "Want chocolate crepe." And she says, "What? You want the check?" And he says, "No, want chocolate crepe." I translated.

After Eliot and I finished our share of chocolate crepe (Silas was still working on his share), Eliot said, "I want another one." And I was about to say no... but truthfully I wanted another one too. So I said, "Okay! You ask the server." Eliot started to open his mouth and looked toward the server, then he closed his mouth. He looked at me. "I feel shy. I want you to ask her."
Me: "No, you want the crepe, you ask her."
As we're talking, Silas is still eating, and eventually another server comes over to ask if we need anything else. And Silas looks at him, raises one finger and says, "Want one more."

I had this image in my head of the boys being 14 and 16, and Eliot asking Silas, "Go ask that girl if she likes me." And Silas will say, "Yeah, sure." Right now it sounds like, "Ya, sho," but I imagine he will annunciate better when he's 14.

We ate our double dessert. The boys asked for more, and I had the good sense to say no this time. Silas took his plates to the server, and the boys ran around the restaurant (we were the only ones there at this point) and I thought, oh shit, what was I thinking? Double dessert? Ugh! They are sugar drunk. And they are belligerent drunks!

But it turned out okay. They weren't tooooo crazy to put to bed. They were good little sugarmen.

Both the boys are in swim class, and it's going okay, except Eliot has to be in his class without a parent because he's 3. And he doesn't like that. It takes him a long time to trust the teacher and the group, and the class is only 25 minutes long, once a week for three months, and then it's a new semester and sometimes a new teacher depending on how schedules change. He loves to swim with us, for fun, although he won't do the swimming-class things we ask him to do like blow bubbles (sometimes he will, but rarely) or put his face in the water for any reason at all. We'll see how the class goes. It's similar in his school; he enjoys it, but he does a lot of watching before he participates.

Swimming update (March 2013): He has gotten comfortable in class and by the last class, was participating in all the activities!

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