July 28, 2006

Why the delay?

Many of you know the ordeal our pup Osito has been through this past month. He had a bump on his nose, directly next to his right nostril, that the vet wanted to remove. After removing it and doing a biopsy, turns out it was a mast cell tumor, some kind of cancer dogs get but not people. So, we went to three dog oncologists and in the end decided to have more surgery (the other option was radiation). The good news is, after the second surgery, all the cancer is gone. So Osito is going to be fine. And he's recovering well from the surgery, but lost half his right nostril and a good chunk of skin off his nose. So that's a bummer. His stitches come out on Aug. 3, and then we'll leave on Aug. 6 or 7.


Martha said...

oh the poor lil bunny. I so sorry that he, and you had to go through this. I think his scar will make him distinctive, and all the Mexican dogs will know not to mess with him

Ann said...

Thanks for changing the settings. This is going to be neat throughout the school year. I can't wait to see pictures of your school and your home and you and the puppies on the beach. I agree with Martha, Osito won't be dissed now by the neighborhood dogs.

Brady and Natalie said...

Yes, Osito will be like the Al Capone of San Carlos. Ruff-ruff.

LAlovesdogs said...

So it sounds like the schmoots (schmuppies!) get to go with you? That's great! We leave on Friday am for our Mexican adventure, a mission with our church to a village 3 hours up in the mountains outside Oaxaca. The name of the community is San Jose Contrerras, and we'll be there for about 8 days, then Ken and I will have a week in Oaxaca on our own. We'll be rebuilding a church in the community that was damaged in an earthquake, and bringing 1300 pounds of childern's clothes and toys for the kids. We'll be gone for just over two weeks, and sending you happy Mexico vibes since apparently we'll beat you there!

Ariba! Abajo! Al Centro! Al Dentro! ...afuera!
To you both. Have a safe and happy trip!

Nick said...

I think Osito looks a little like Lee Van Cleef; and Martha is right. I am glad that he is well.