October 04, 2006

La Nueva Presidenta de Mexico

Hola. Me llamo Blondie.

Hello. My name is Blondie.

Me amo Mexico mucho. Hay muchas playas bonitas. Tambien, hay muchas cosas para cazar. Y, los mexicanos me aman tambien -- me aman mucho mucho, y me hacen presidenta. Ahora, me llamo La Presidenta Blondie. Tambien, me llamo Le Jefa. Mira, hay una bandera de Mexico detras de yo.

I love Mexico very much. There are many beautiful beaches. Also, there are many things to hunt. And, the Mexican people love me too -- they love me so much they made me president. Now, I am La Presidenta Blondie. Also, you can call me The Chief. Look, there is a Mexican flag behind me.

Mexico es bueno. Y, es bueno estar el rey.

Mexico is good. And, it's good to be king.


Anonymous said...

Of Kings and Muffins
Silliness! Massive silliness! This is a very good sign. I take it that life has settled a little. Blondie oops I mean La Presidenta certainly looks relaxed and happy!

We miss you,


Anonymous said...

My favorite puppy is President! I knew she was headed for fame the first time I dog-sat her.

Stacy said...

Oh, president Blondie I am so happy for you; I was so worried that you would get caught up with the street-walking dogs. I obviously needn't have worried...I hope your royal subjects (Brady and Natalie) are doing well too.

Brady and Natalie said...

Yes, life has settled a bit and the silliness has set in. :-)