October 11, 2006


We have a phone line now. Two in fact. One is a Mexican phone line. We think the numbers you need to dial to reach us via the regular Mexican phone line are: 011 52 622 22 37193. (Call the operator if that doesn't work). The other option is to call us on our Skype Internet telephone line (like Vonage), which is 503-564-4146. Dial it like a regular U.S. phone line. Natalie is usually on it in the afternoons, freelancing, so she'd probably answer it then. We might also answer it in the evenings, if we hear it or have the computer on. If no one answers, you can leave a voice mail. You can also email us and make plans to call us, or vice versa, on a certain day and time, so we know to be ready. If you want to call us for FREE, you can get a free Skype line yourself, and talk to anyone else on Skype for free, forever. But you need a headset, one with headphones and a microphone.

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