August 16, 2008

Let me see your baby bump!

Here it is folks. I'm at ... shoot, I forget, but I think 17 weeks.

And it is HOT in Portland today.
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Jennifer said...

AWWWW!!! So cute!! Thanks for sharing. :)

amy said...

Very lovely belly. Both you and kate look like you have spread around bellies. So you look pregish from the back, side and front. Time to bring out the cocoa butter and start massaging it in every day (belly, hips and thighs) Can you rest you hands on top of the baby bump yet (like a shelf. Smooches.

Kate C said...

That's the bump we've been waitin for! Mom says we're supposed to get out the cocoa butter but I heard that no amount of lotion will keep you from getting stretch marks if you are predisposed to them. So far I've been lazy on the whole lotion tip...but i might invest this week b/c my belly's startin to itch. Wish we could bump bellies in person. xo, kate

Ann said...

LOOKIN GOOD! Little troutface is sure growing. Let us know when my grandchild starts kicking and doing flips. I love all three of you!

Stacy said...

What is it about a pregnant belly that makes people smile??? That pic just put a huge smile on my face- Thanks. You still look soooo tiny.

amy said...

i love your belly, natalie. Can't wait till Oct 1st when i can put my hands on you and feel troutface do the Watusi.
I am enjoying the Berkley pregnancy and the Portland pregnancy. Until today I have been obsessed with the mommies (Kate and Natalie) and the daddies (howie and Brady). How do they feel? Is she still puking? is he cooking lots of food? is she getting bigger? and where are the pictures!!!!!!! Everywhere I go I see pregnant women and want to tell them "Both my daughters are expecting. How far along are you?" i've even thot about asking to touch their tummies b/c i am missing the west coast tummies SO MUCH.
But NOW I am a second trimester grandmother and my grand babies are kicking and turning and modeling on awesome sonograms.
So everywhere i go i see 3-somes; mom, dad and little baby and much gear. i watch and smile and notice how they work together. Who carries gear and who carries baby. I smile and sigh and think of my west coast soon to be little families.
I am such a happy Mamie.