September 02, 2008

Troutface's second rafting trip

Brady and I and troutface and eight other friends rafted the Deschutes River in central Oregon two weekends ago. This is Troutface's second rafting trip. It was LOADS of fun. We really wish we could raft more often. It's so, so relaxing.

Here is Brady doing tree pose on the river. Pretty darn good. Look at that balance!

A trained chef, Tim's mom Karen, planned our meals and did much of the preparing. This is Rebecca and I demonstrating how good the food was in a picture meant for Karen's website. Good website picture? I dunno.

Saturday night was Cuban night! The only person who didn't dress up was Natalie. Nothing fits anyway. But Emily came with her parrot, Paco. (Emily is hosting a baby shower for me... she's so sweet).

Natalie and Brady chowing down on guacamole and fajitas.

And, the last picture, the group picture, before getting off the river. Can you see the bump?! (I'm the one with the wig).


Kate C said...

I want more up close and personal bump. AND i'm curious if you have felt the little trout moving yet?

Ann said...

Aw, man. I am so envious. Of the water and the green, the rafting trip, and of spending time with you. Your bump is much bigger. Any movement yet? You look gorgeous pregnant, and Brady looks really relaxed and happy. Love you, Ann

amy said...

You and Brady look so relaxed and happy. Rafting really suits you. File away those going with the flow images for L and D. They will come in handy. You guys were meant to be on the water. Brady your tree pose is AWESOME. I find a mat destabilizing and you balanced on an inflatable boat. Yikes! We can't wait to visit. The house! The location in beautiful portland! The Baby Bump!!!! Smooches, Mamie