November 20, 2008

Baby shower in Berkeley

Hey there! Many of you know that my sister, Kate, is pregnant at the same time as me (sista' by anotha' motha'... and fatha'...). She is due around Christmas. I went to her baby shower in Berkeley this past weekend, and here are some photos.

The bellies.

And the old gang from D.C. -- Kate, Dina (who lives in San Francisco now), me, and Desaray (who lives in DC and came out for Kate's shower). It was fun to hang out again. The last time we were all together was for Kate's wedding, I think.

In other news, the baby-licking poll appears to be tied up. 6 yes, 6 no, and 3 'thought about it but never did it.'

And, Brady and I plan to eliminate another round of baby names in the next few days. Many of you have been asking, and we are so psyched that you're excited by our game. Brady thinks we're being narcissistic, and it's true, but it's so much fun to get attention! ;-)


Jen said...

You and Kate are too cute!

Ann said...

Oh my gosh! Are you sure there aren't twins in there? I bet you all had a wonderful time back together again. See ya in 2 weeks.