November 24, 2008

Second round of Baby Name Brackets game

We spent a rousing Saturday night babysitting our neighbor's sleeping infant, while watching soccer on their cable TV and discussing baby names... here are the results from the second round! Names in bold won.

Fisher - Lute
Travis - Cai
Sebastian - Alden (This game was REALLY close; double overtime)
Spanky - Loden
- Beau
Sabin - Oliver (Also a fairly close game)
Tom - Keller
Dale - Alder
Cole - Barack
Cristiano - Aidan
Rowan - Sue
Andrew - Elliott
Liam - Neville
Fritz - Tim
Mace - Calum
- Emmett

And now for the scores (I have added the scores from the first and second rounds, so it's a cumulative, total score):
Cathy M - 43
Mary F - 48
Linda T - 35
Amy L - 37
Dee - 31
Yann - 37
Helene - 27
Jen E - 52
Michelle T - 42
Robert F - 44
Sara L - 33
Steve D - 35
Travis F - 41
Jen C C - 36
Reb/Nick - 42
Stacy/Rick - 55
Jon D - 46
Janna A - 43
Mike R - 41
Kate C - 39
Christie - 51
Alaina - 47
Emily L - 50
Ann - 39
Bromleys - 37
Jana R - 37
Martha - 44
Laura T - 39

In the lead: Brady's sister and brother in law, Stacy and Rick, with 55 pts!
Second place: Our neighbor Jen E with 52 points
Third: Christie, Brady's sister in law, with 51 points.
Last place: My freshman college roommate Helene. I think she jinxed herself by calling me before the first round had started and bragging that she thought she was going to do pretty well. ;-)


Ann said...

OK, so I like funky names, oh well. My real favorite is still in the running:)

Stacy baby licker said...

Wow, now I wish there was a big prize for winning this thing. I feel strangely proud of my name picking skills. Ahhhm, I have to admit that I listened pretty closely while you and Brady were talking about names you liked.

Natalie said...

Hmm. I wonder, too, if Jen has an advantage by being our neighbor and hearing us talk about this stuff frequently. Although, we haven't been talking much to anyone about it since the brackets came out.

Natalie said...

I wonder what Ann's real favorite is... I suspect it's Liam.

amy said...

(from Natalie on another preggers blog)(She's commenting on birthing) Reframing is where we’re at. Sensations, surges, blasts of energy, whatever. I don’t want to use the P word because I feel like that frames my reality to be that. Our brains our plastic and will respond to what’s given to them. P is something to avoid, but the surges of birth ares unavoidable in this case no matter what route I choose, even if I were to choose an epidural. P is something we treat with drugs, which is partly why the majority of American women choose drugs in childbirth. I think it’s subjective. I’ll tell you if I still feel this way in February, after the birth.

From Mamie: I think American women currently choose drugs b/c the choice is between drugs and "you're on you're own" There are not ready alternatives and support in the major medical birthing suites. But you are part of our culture that is paving the way for somethign better. You ARE reframing and your family delivery will be different -even if it takes place in a hospital. You and Brady have already changed the outcome by your choice of preparatory experiences and languaging. And your body has not missed one positive thing you have said!
Yea! Birth Team Bennon. You are awesome!