April 27, 2009

Babies, babies, babies

This weekend, Eliot met Eliza Jane! Eliza Jane is Natalie's sister's (Kate's) daughter. They were very cute together. We got a lot of attention in town for having two really adorable young babies. Sunday morning at brunch, these two women next to us were having brunch. They both have older kids. And they held our babies as we all ate, which was a nice break for us, and fun for them because they miss holding babies. (We should have taken pictures of these women with our babies).

Eliza Jane was very outgoing and held Eliot's hand when we sat them next to each other.

Howie, Kate's husband, took most of the pictures this weekend, so I will post more pictures after I have downloaded them from his flickr account. That takes time, and I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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Jen said...

How cool that you guys were able to get together! Love the pictures. They are so cute together.