April 22, 2009


Eliot turned three months old on Monday, April 20! And he sure is changing. He's starting to take naps. His bedtime has moved much earlier, to around 7:30 pm -- I think he likes that change a lot. We have cancelled our diaper service and are now using our own cloth diapers that we wash at home (really great diapers, hand-me-downs from Meredith Bromley). I have started back at work, working 13 hours/week from home. A friend of ours is babysitting one afternoon a week to give me time to get some work hours in. Eliot is taking the bottle a little more often (but still prefers the breast). And sometimes he is sleeping through the night, although last night was not a model night for a 3 month old. He was super fussy with gas and thus fidgety and crying for a lot of the night. Ugh.

I took this video about two weeks ago, I think. I've fallen a little behind. Brady kept Eliot modest for his viewers.

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Jen said...

So sweet. I'm in love!