May 31, 2009

Get me outta this swaddle!

Today was the first day Eliot slept happily and well without a swaddle. I tried a couple weeks ago to put him down for naps without a swaddle. Not so good. So we swaddled again. Then last week I tried a half swaddle, which I read about online; some parents will swaddle with one arm free as a way to wean their kid off the swaddle. It has been getting hot in Portland, and we have no a/c, so the swaddle seemed to0 warm and I wanted to get him out of it soon, if possible. So we did the one-arm swaddle all last week, and then this morning I decided to try his morning nap without a swaddle at all. And he slept "like a baby" for 1 hour and 45 minutes. So, apparently he no longer needs the swaddle! Who's a big boy?!

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