June 24, 2009

Working mom's morning

I wake up at 7 am. I start to get in the shower, when I hear Eliot cooing in his crib. Awake. So, I go downstairs. He's very excited to see me. I get him up, change his diaper, and nurse him. I take him upstairs to our bathroom and put him down on his floor mat while I shower. He plays with the toys hanging over him. I get dressed, and the two of us go downstairs. He plays with his ball while I make breakfast. He starts to fuss. It is time for a nap. He has a very short attention span in the mornings. Also, he is working off a sleep deficit from our travels back home from Arizona (we all are). So, I put the brakes on breakfast, and go change his diaper, and rock him to sleep. It takes him a little bit to fall asleep. Plus, I'm trying to rush it a bit, because now I'm going to be about 15 min later to work than I had hoped. After he's down, I rush to the kitchen, take the monitor to Brady, who is still in bed (I was trying to let him sleep in because, as I said, we're all working off a sleep deficit), rush back downstairs, shovel two eggs in my mouth, and run out the door, hopping on my new bike to work.

Such is a morning in the life of a working mama. Although, mine was probably easier than many, since I didn't have to get Eliot ready for daycare and take him there.

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