August 12, 2009

Babies and bikes

I just bought a Burley bike trailer for us to pull Eliot in when we ride our bikes. I'm so excited! Mainly we need this because we only have one car now, and we need a way for me to get him to daycare this fall on Mon and Wed because Brady will need the car to drive to work every day because after work, he needs to get quickly to soccer practice. He is the new assistant soccer coach at Franklin H.S. He's very excited. I could take Eliot to daycare on the bus, but the bus lines are really inconvenient to his new daycare.
We got a great deal on the trailer because the owner of the store, a friend of ours, was closing out his Burley stock. So, I also bought the skis that attach to the trailer because it was his last set and he gave me a smokin' deal on those too. You take the wheels off and replace them with these little skis, and you put a waist band on your self, and one of us can pull Eliot this winter while cross-country skiing. Fun!
Pictures of Eliot in his new bike trailer will be coming soon.


amy said...

Apple Blossoms daycare sounds wonderful and homey. I read about the sunflowers (4-5) and rosebuds (2-3). What will Eliot be? Also, I read that they are a "no media" center. Does that mean no books? I didn't see books in any web photographs but I did see a "story time" listed. very curious....
I think Eliot will love the new environment and be fascinated by the children. he doesn't miss a thing! Mamie

Natalie Henry Bennon said...

I don't know what the sunflowers and rosebuds are. Maybe that's for the nursery school, which is a little older? The daycare is for kids 5 mos-3 y.o. At 3 years, or sometimes earlier, they are ready for the nursery school. Eliot is in a "family group," with three other children, of differing ages up to 3 y.o.
"No media" means no TV or video games or ads -- that kind of things. They do read stories, quite a bit.