October 16, 2009

Babies R Us

When I was pregnant, I swore I would never go to Babies R Us. I wouldn't register there, for sure. No offense to anyone who did. I know it's one-stop shopping, and that's convenient. But the uber-consumerism really turns me off. (Call me a hypocrite, because I know I like new things, especially shoes, but I am trying to shake these super-consumer capitalist shackles).

But Grandma and Grandpa (Brady's parents) were visiting last weekend, and Grandma wanted to buy Eliot toys. One Sesame Street toy in particular. She thought Babies R Us should have it. And she wanted to buy him musical things, because Eliot loves music. So as to not disappoint Grandma, and to satiate my own curiosity about Babies R Us using Grandma as the excuse, we looked up the nearest Babies R Us online and went. Turns out this Babies R Us was just a corner of a Toys R Us. Grandma was disappointed, because the ones tucked inside a Toys R Us are not as good. But, we didn't know where else to go. So, we strolled up and down the two aisles of baby toys, and picked out a bunch of new things for Eliot, including a percussion set that he loves. He is not as into the animals that ride in a train (battery operated, of course) that is supposed to encourage crawling. But he loves the fish in the fish bowl that makes music (Grandma's great idea). He likes the baby piano okay. And he got lots of other little things, too. Here is a pic of him playing with a few of his new toys. We have some of them still in the closet so we can rotate them in and out when he gets bored with the ones he has. Thanks Grandma!

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