February 26, 2010


Well, I took a video today of Eliot walking, and I was going to post it here ... but the little trolls that come and steal little treasures when you're not looking took the memory card to the camera. I just had it in my hand! And now it's gone. Argh! I can't find it anywhere. The only explanation is those damn trolls. They stole my keys too; I haven't seen my entire set of keys since Saturday. That's been a real pain in the rear. *sigh*

Anyway, Eliot is walking. If I had to pick a day it happened, I would say it was Monday, Feb. 22 (or Monday of this week, which I think was 2/22). By yesterday, he was more than 50% walking. And today, he's been maybe 15% crawling and the rest walking, so he's walking a LOT. He's also sick. He threw up everything he ate yesterday, and today ate a little bit and mostly kept it down but had one tiny incident. And apparently, it's a little nasty virus because now Brady is sick. Ah the joys of parenthood.

The upside of having a sick baby is that he is very mama cuddly. He really prefers me to dada right now, which of course makes me feel pretty good that I can meet his needs. When he's nice and healthy, he's way into dada and wants to play hard, which in turn makes Brady feel pretty darn good.

A shout out here to my good friend Emily, who had a baby girl last Friday. The new little one's name is Zadie Jean Swinehart, and she was 19 inches and 7 lbs 5 oz. We are really excited to have you join us, Zadie! XO, The Bennons (north side; as opposed to the south side, desert-dwelling Bennons).

Ah, I found the memory stick! It slipped underneath the laptop. (But this is your final warning, trolls; I want my keys back!)
Here is the video (sorry that it is so maddeningly shaky):


Jen said...

Love it!!! Thanks for posting this. He's such a little man!! And don't worry, the whole "I want mom when I'm sick" thing lasts for a very long time and it is great :) Hugs to you all!! :^)

Natalie Henry Bennon said...

Can anyone watch the video? I can't get blogspot to let me watch the video or even show a picture. =(

Christie said...

Wow - look at him go! How cool. He reminds me a lot of Patrick, the way he cruises around making those adorable cooing noises.

alissa said...

Amazing! Look at those little striped legs go!!! Go Eliot Go!!! The world belongs to you now, little man!

stacy said...

How did you train him to stay out of those bags that were within his reach?

Natalie Henry Bennon said...

Train him? Ha ha. I dunno, he just doesn't really go in them. Sometimes if he can see something on the bench he might want, he will take it. But there are only things there that would be okay for him to have. And he never has tried to get his hands IN the bags.