March 15, 2010

Fat and demanding

My sister Kate says her baby has become fat and demanding. I agree. One-year-olds are fat and demanding. Eliot eats A LOT. And he's big. I mean, he's not fat. He's a baby. And he eats what he needs. But I make steel cut oats in the morning. And I used to make a certain amount that fed Brady and I and Eliot just fine. I have had to slowly increase that amount over the past couple weeks by about 30 percent because Brady and I were finding that we were no longer getting enough for breakfast. Mr. Fuzzypants was eating more and more and more. He's like a bottomless well. I will post pictures tomorrow of his big fat belly. It's pretty darn cute. I will also post pics from our visit with Mamie, whom Eliot calls "nay-nay" or "na-na." Or sometimes "na-nie." We had a lot of fun with her.

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