April 08, 2010

Spring Break 2010

At long last, I am taking the time to write a post, with pictures, about our 4 days in Newport, OR (on the coast) for spring break.

The weather was glorious. Our first full day, we went to the Oregon aquarium, which was pretty fun if a little spendy. But they only have species that are native to this general area -- the North Pacific Ocean, from say northern California up to Alaska. So they didn't have penguins, but they had auklets, which are the northern hemisphere's version of a penguin. Interesting.

The next couple days, we had a routine. After breakfast, we would walk down to the bay (Yaquina Bay) and watch the sea lions. The city has built a new dock, much higher than the old one. But they left portions of the old one for the many California sea lions in the bay to use as a haulout. So, people hang out on the new dock, 20 feet or so above the old one, and watch the sea lions bask in the sun and bark at each other. Eliot will bark like a sea lion now if you ask him about the sea lions.

Then we would walk some more, cross the main highway, and head toward the beach - the biggest sandbox on earth. Eliot had so much fun. We bundled him up in rain gear to keep him dry, but then let him go barefoot in the sand and we played with spoons and shovels in the sand, and just ran around a lot. A lot. We had a routine where Brady and I would separate at first -- one of us talking the dogs down the beach to run around, the other with Eliot -- for 30 minutes or so before reconvening for family play time. Otherwise the dogs would go crazy and run Eliot over, which he, understandably, wasn't a fan of.

Then, after awhile, it would be like 1 pm and it was really time for Eliot to take a nap. So we would put his shoes back on, change his diaper, give him some pretzels and water, settle him in his stroller, and walk back to the condo where we were staying (our neighbor's parents' place that they let us use for free, because they're very sweet). And both days, he fell right to sleep on the way home. We just walked his stroller into the condo's spare bedroom and close the door for him to nap in the stroller.

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