July 29, 2010

Food allergies

Eliot had a food allergy test today, and it turns out he is probably allergic to cow's milk/dairy (but goat is okay), wheat, and corn. He is okay with eggs and potatoes and pretty much everything else. And his allergies are not severe; they are kind of mild, which is also good, and that's why he gets minor rashes and dermatitis, but not major. So, the next 6 weeks will be an experiement in absolutely no cow's milk/dairy, wheat, or corn. By that time, it should have worked its way out of his system and hopefully we will see his face rash and itchy scalp disappear. Then we can add things back in and see what happens. Or we can try certain kinds of wheat, like sprouted wheat, spelt, or kamut -- sometimes people with wheat sensitivities can have these other kinds of wheat because the sprouted is supposeldy more digestable, and the spelt and kamut are older varieties of wheat that our bodies (or at least, Europeans' bodies) are more accustomed to. Some people say that when they eat wheat in Europe, they don't have reactions; the doctor didn't know why, but could only surmise that their wheat is an older variety that has not been genetically modified like most crops in our country. Perhaps also Eliot will tolerate sprouted corn. Shoot, I forgot to ask her about corn on the cob; I wonder if that's different than corn as a grain. I guess we'll have to just give it a try one day and see what happens. She said otherwise, he is very healthy and so if he has some of his allergic foods sometimes, it shouldn't be a big deal, which is nice, because then if we eat out or, as he is older, he's eating other places, we don't have to be strict or worried about it. Let him eat cake! Occasionally.

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